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I have been seeing Dr Greenberg for over a year and feel he truly cares about his patients. He is a compassionate man that tries to think outside the box in terms of treatments. I find that quality extremely valuable. I know I am no easy case as I have suffered from difficult pain for too many years. But this doctor has never made me feel inadequate for not healing properly or for the truly difficult pain I experience on a daily basis. Dr Greenberg’s staff is top-notch too. They are all friendly, kind, and work hard to keep that office running efficiently. If every doctor’s office had a staff like this the healthcare industry would have a better name.

I suffered for 8 years with what thought was incurable chronic pain. Dr Greenberg gave me my life back. He did testing blocks 2 times, had me keep a pain diary after each procedure and then did radiofrequency ablation. I got neuritis as the nerves died and his compassion was genuine. He fixed that with electric needles. It’s been a year, no neck pain. He is busy and does take notes and is fast but thorough because he knows what he is doing. His staff are kind and very friendly, they understand and see patients with pain all week long but still make time to encourage and reassure.

I have had every treatment available to treat damaged nerves in my stomach muscles for the last five years. I have spent over three of those yrs in bed because every time I used my stomach muscle it was excruciating. Before I was injured, I never sat down. My self-worth was based on each day as I worked as a custom mosaic contractor and as a prop master in the film industry. My life was perfect. So here now a series of events led me to Dr.Greenberg in Ashland Or. I thought my life was pretty much over until my very first visit with the Dr I assumed it would be another nerve block thing and truthfully did not expect it to work. My pain level was at a 9, I was grumpy, could not breathe, and felt amazingly hopeless. All that was about to change. After the usual queries and info exchange, he had me get on the table and what happened at that moment was for me the miracle I had been praying for! This procedure is called Neuro Prolotherapy. He takes several syringes full of basically sugar water and after finding all areas of inflammation, he proceeds to inject that maybe 20 times into the offending nerves. I felt instantly relieved!!! I shouted, cried, and began to thank the heavens. I was literally in shock. The greatest day ever!!! All of the staff were amazingly supportive and wore smiles. Dr.Greenberg is entirely awesome with tapering me down off pain meds each week as my pain level decreases and his injections hit their bullseyes. He is a great doctor as well as coach in supporting me to have a full, pain-free, healthy and happy life. I still shake my head as the unbelievable has just happened to me!

Top-notch doctor. Excellent doctor who has helped significantly reduce my neck pain of over 20 yrs. Easy appointment!

Dr Greenberg has given me, my life back! When I first went to see him, I was in extreme pain! I wasn’t able to stand without leaning and I couldn’t walk without a cane or walker! I was referred to Dr Greenberg by my orthopedic surgeon. After several procedures, I am now walking, going up and down steps, shopping, driving and standing, all this without pain! And NO more pain medication! I truly appreciate everything. The office staff is so friendly and courtesy. The same goes for the surgery center.

These injections of Dextrose has really decreased my pain. First injections lasted almost a week, Just had the second set. It is amazing how this works.

I have been receiving neural prolotherapy for my low back pain. Wow is all I can say. I am now practically pain-free and able to stand up straight. I can walk again pain-free. Dr Greenberg and his office staff are welcoming and caring. They really listen to what you (patient) tell them.

Terrific results! Pain-free after months of doctors and physical therapy folks trying to help. Can’t recommend him strongly enough. Thank you for giving me back my freedom.

I highly recommend Dr Greenberg. I was in a terrible fall onto concrete. There was no such thing as a “3 Disc Replacement” at this time. I was cared for by some of the best doctors, but after 5 years of living like this, I was on a high amount of pain meds. Dr Greenberg was able to take me down to 2 pills for my spine and a few for my leg. I returned back to Dr Greenberg in 2015. What I appreciate is Dr Greenberg took the time to research my med history. He is compassionate. If you’re new know he is focused and cares.

I am so excited to be seeing Dr Greenberg! He is an angel that has entered my life, and I am so very grateful to be his patient. After 8 years of dealing with dozens of doctors, as many surgeries, countless prescriptions and various methods of treatment to treat my post-mastectomy chronic pain in my chest, armpit, upper arm and forearm, I am happy to shout to the treetops that I am pain-free! His compassion and concern were primary, his mind going quickly to what he could do for me.