Pain After Surgery

About Pain After Surgery

Surgery is a “planned” injury. The tissue damage that occurs directly from the surgical procedure is a clear example of acute pain. This pain is expected, and the doctors involved in your surgical procedure, including the surgeon and anesthesiologist, are quite expert at managing this type of pain. However, pain that persists after the surgical insult has healed is a type of chronic pain, and can be effectively managed at Advanced Pain Care.


Post-surgical pain can occur after any type of surgery, including spine surgery, joint surgery or replacement and many other surgical procedures. Causes of post-surgical pain can include scar tissue formation that can lead to nerve damage or entrapment. These types of pain require specialty expertise from Dr. Greenberg to properly evaluate and treat effectively.


Treatment for Pain After Surgery

As with most pain problems, full evaluation and precise diagnosis is required in order to identify proper treatment. Dr. Greenberg has the unique knowledge, skill, and experience to identify inflamed tender peripheral nerves that can cause pain after surgery. Post-surgical pain can also occur from deep scar tissue, commonly after spine surgery. There are specialized treatments that can be utilized when pain persists after back surgery. These treatments include: