Mark Greenberg, MD

Medical Director and Specialist in Pain Management

Dr. Mark Greenberg founded Advanced Pain Care in 1997, after relocating from Los Angeles to the Rogue Valley. Dr. Greenberg has spent his career actively seeking knowledge about the most advanced pain care treatments available and has seen the field of pain management grow from a small subspecialty of anesthesiology to a fully recognized, independent medical specialty.

It became apparent to Dr. Greenberg early in his career that mainstream Medicine had significant limitations in understanding and treating chronic pain. The differentiation of chronic pain as a specific disease different than the protective normal acute pain response to injury has led doctors to use ineffective and at times dangerous treatments, such as high dose opioids. This insight led Dr. Greenberg to seek concepts and treatments for chronic pain from a wide variety of non-traditional sources. However, a scientific basis and data-driven confirmation of effectiveness is still the underpinning of any treatment Dr. Greenberg uses. He is Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Anesthesiology, and Pain Management, as well as a certified Orthobiologics Method Provider.


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As a patient at Advanced Pain Care, you can now take advantage of Dr. Greenberg’s high-level training, skills and experience to help treat your painful condition!