Degenerative Disc Disease

What are Discs?

The intervertebral discs function as “shock absorbers” in the spine. They absorb the forces of movement and gravity, and provide the structural stability that allows us to stand and move as bipeds.

What Causes Disc Pain?

Unfortunately, years of bearing heavy loads leads to degeneration—a process that actually begins in our 20s and 30s and can progress inexorably. We can see the manifestations of this any time an adult has an X-ray or MRI of the spine—however, this does not necessarily mean a degenerated disc seen on an imaging study is the source of pain. This must be investigated further, using a test called a discogram.

Treatments for Degenerative Disc Disease

If it is highly likely that the pain is coming from the discs, Dr. Greenberg can offer both traditional and non-traditional treatment alternatives to help avoid surgery and improve your function and quality of life. Sometimes, traditional spinal injections can help with pain from degenerated discs. However, there are new Regenerative treatment that are available as alternatives when other treatments do not work. Studies are showing effectiveness of these treatments, which can be used to relieve suffering and avoid surgery and use of opioids.