Advanced Pain Care FAQ

Dr. Greenberg sees patients referred by any practitioner. However, a referral is not required, and an appointment can be arranged by simply contacting our office at (541) 482-1712.
During your first visit, you can expect to have your complete pain-related history taken and physical exam by Dr. Greenberg. When you schedule your appointment, a packet of paperwork with instructions will be sent to you. Please fill out the paperwork before your appointment, either on paper or online through our Patient Portal with PrognoCIS. Dr. Greenberg will go over all of this information, as well as previous medical information such as records, scans, X-rays, etc. that are available, and then determine the best course of action after the full exam.
Dr. Greenberg is a member of PrimeCare and accepts all insurance plans contracted with PrimeCare. In addition, we accept Medicare, WC, PIP claims, and most OHP plans. As pain management is a specialty, however, there are restrictions on some services. Regenerative Care procedures such as PRP, Stem Cells, and Perineural Injection Therapy ARE NOT COVERED BY INSURANCE although typically an initial consultation would be covered. Please feel free to contact our front office with any questions regarding your insurance coverage, requirement for prior authorization, or any other insurance-related questions
Dr. Greenberg will always send a copy of his evaluation and treatment to your primary care physician or referring practitioner and is happy to discuss your care with them.