Non-Surgical Pain Treatment

The IASP (International Association for the Study of Pain) defines pain as “an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage.” This definition emphasizes the complex, multi-dimensional nature of the pain experience. Pain is different for different people, and is influenced by both internal and external factors, including but not limited to biology, environment and culture. Your pain is unique and internal, and must be respected as such.

At Advanced Pain Care we have many options to treat chronic pain. Some have been available for years; others are on the “cutting edge” and have become available for use very recently. It is apparent to Dr. Greenberg that the scope of pain treatment available within mainstream medicine is lacking. This situation frustrates patients who continue to suffer, as well as their doctors, who feel powerless to relieve their suffering. Therefore, Dr. Greenberg has consistently sought out and integrated new and effective treatments into his practice. He is expert in both mainstream, traditional treatments as well as some that are “outside the standard box” but can be highly effective for many types of pain.

Most physicians are very familiar with spinal injections to help relieve chronic neck and back pain. Dr. Greenberg has not only mastered these procedures, but has been an Instructor for the Spinal Intervention Society, one of the most prestigious organizations of spine treatment specialists. Dr. Greenberg performs these injections when needed under fluoroscopic X-ray guidance at the Ashland Surgery Center, a facility designed specifically to accommodate these procedures.

Dr. Greenberg has had the honor of studying Perineural Injection Therapy on several occasions at International Master Classes with its founder, Dr. John Lyftogt. This phenomenal technique can be highly successful at treating a variety of chronic pain problems, many of which have been recalcitrant to a host of other treatments. Perineural Injection Therapy has become an extremely valuable addition to the practice.

Regenerative procedures that help the body to heal and restore normal function are also available at Advanced Pain Care. These include Platelet Rich Plasma Prolotherapy (PRP) and Stem Cells Therapy to help heal injury and degenerative processes. We will continue to expand our knowledge and understanding of how to use these powerful new treatments to help our patients.

The focus of treatment at Advanced Pain Care is effective relief with minimal use of opioid (narcotic) medications or surgery. However, when necessary, Dr. Greenberg will manage pain medications as well as work with your primary care provider to refer for surgical intervention.