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At Advanced Pain Care, Dr. Mark Greenberg provides the most comprehensive pain treatments available—including both traditional procedures and regenerative care—to help reduce pain, restore function, and improve your quality of life. We make every effort to treat chronic pain without surgery or long-term opioid medications.

I suffered for 8 years with what thought was incurable chronic pain. Dr. GREENBERG gave me my life back. He did testing blocks 2 times, had me keep a pain diary after each procedure and then did radiofrequency ablation. I got neuritis as the nerves died and his compassion was genuine. HE FIXED THAT TOO with electric needles. It's been a year, NO neck pain. He is busy and does take notes and is fast but thorough because he knows what he is doing. His staff are kind and very friendly, they understand and see patients with pain all week long but still make time to encourage and reassure.
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Introduction to the Use of Platelet Rich Plasma and Adult Stem Cell Therapy to Treat Painful Conditions

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