Chronic pain can be managed!
Chronic pain can be managed!


Dr. Greenberg can help with lower back painDr. Mark Greenberg founded Advanced Pain Care after relocating to Oregon in 1995. He is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Anesthesiology, with fellowship training in the subspecialty of Pain Management. At Advanced Pain Care, we provide a full service, comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic approach to the care of complex pain problems. Our areas of expertise include the use of minimally invasive precision-guided interventional procedures, management of medications for pain, and an integrative approach to pain relief and restoration of function. Traditional allopathic and non-traditional “cutting edge” treatments are utilized. We firmly believe our approach will offer you the best available opportunity to improve your overall quality of life.

dr performing proedureAdvanced Pain Care is located in the heart of the medical community in Ashland. The office provides an aesthetically pleasing and comfortable environment for your appointment. In addition, we are pleased to be affiliated with the Ashland Surgery Center, where we perform many of our interventional treatments. The Ashland Surgery Center is an affordable outpatient treatment facility that was designed specifically to help Dr. Greenberg provide interventional pain services to patients in an efficient and cost effective manner.

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Dr. Greenberg has had the the honor and the privilege to study Perineural Injection Therapy (also known as Neural Prolotherapy) with the Clinical Scientist who pioneered this revolutionary new treatment, Dr. John Lyftogt. Dr. Greenberg has lectured extensively in the Rogue Valley about this new treatment, and has been using it with a very high success rate at Advanced Pain Care.




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Back PainDr. Greenberg’s Statement:

“My goal is to resolve the underlying cause of your pain whenever possible. This means trying to identify the source of the pain, and trying to heal the body so the pain resolves. I try to avoid surgery and the use of habituating medications whenever possible. These options however, do have a role and I can recommend, monitor, or refer for these when needed. I think a healthy lifestyle which includes proper diet and regular exercise are indispensable components of a Pain Management Program.”


Cutting edge, patient oriented, compassionate and comprehensive pain management.